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Deodhar Children's Clinic 

39/25 Erandawane,
Behind Kaka Halwai, 
Opposite Ayurved Rasashala 
Karve Road, Pune 411004. India.

Dr. Jayant Deodhar

Dr. Jayant Deodhar (M.D. DCH) practiced as a Consultant Pediatrician at Deodhar Children's Clinic for almost 30 years, providing invaluable services in the areas of immunization, development assessment, Nebulisation therapy, Asthma and Allergy treatment and health counseling. He was also attached to King Edward Memorial (KEM) Hospital as a Honorary Consultant Neonatologist.

He received practical experience in various hospitals in USA, Germany, U.K. Spain, Singapore, Malaysia and Nepal. He published 22 research papers in national and international journals and authored computer software for IV fluid calculations and clinic and hospital database management. He was an editor for well known medical portals: and

Dr. Jayant Deodhar was the Past President of Indian Academy of Pediatrics, Pune as well as an active Rotarian. During his stint as President of the Rotary Club of Pune, Kothrud, he led the Group Study Exchange Program to Germany, and was the District Chairman for the Polio Plus programme and several other district assignments.

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Publications by Dr. Jayant Deodhar

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