Questions about Cataract

Questions Answer
What is cataract? Opacification of the lens inside the eye is called as cataract.
What are the causes? Old age is the commonest cause. Cataract is a part of aging process.
Cataracts are can occur following injury, drugs like steroids, infections in the fetus and congenital birth defects.
What are the symptoms? Progressively diminishing vision, halos of light, glare, difficult night driving, Frequent changes in number (Refraction).
Is the process reversible? Mostly not.
What is the treatment? Surgery is the only curative treatment. Medicines can not stop or reverse the process.
What is Phacoemulsification? Phacoemulsification is a technique which uses a machine that generates ultra sound energy and breaks up the cataract lens. It is a sophisticated computer controlled system which makes it possible to remove the cataractous lens through an incision of 2.8 mm or less.
What is the best surgery? Removing the cataractous lens surgically from its covering bag through a very small incision using phaco-emulsification machine and putting in a foldable artificial lens in the same bag. No sutures are taken.
Why Phacoemsusification? Phacoemulsification technique ensures the best possible outcome of surgery.
How are the results? The chances of nearly normal vision are almost 95% unless there is some other associated cause of diminished vision.
As the artificial lens is not auto focus lens, reading glasses may be still required.
What are foldable lenses? These lenses are put through very small section of less than 2.8 mm and offer excellent visual results
What are multifocal lenses? These lenses offer autofocus features similar to natural lens. These can be used in selected conditions.
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