Questions about Contact Lenses

Questions Answer
What are contact lenses? Contact lenses are small acrylic lenses which fit on the cornea. These are alternative to spectacles and used in various refractory errors.
What are the types of contact lenses? Contact lenses can be hard, semi-soft or soft. Soft lenses can be disposable or long term use. Now a days extended wear lenses are also available which may not be removed every day.
Are contact lenses comfortable? Yes absolutely after some practice.
What care should be taken? Follow strict hygienic technique as advised by your doctor. Wash your hands well before putting or removing them. Preserve in special containers and solutions provided when not in use.
Lenses do get dirty with use and need replacement periodically.
What are disposable lenses? As the name suggests these lenses are to be thrown away after the specified use. There are daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or three monthly disposable lenses available. These types of lenses are much softer and more comfortable.
What are possible side effects? Corneal injury and scratches.
Fungal infections and conjunctivitis.
The lenses should be temporarily discontinued in such situations. 
What are cosmetic lenses? These are coloured lenses for cosmetic purposes. They are relatively more expensive..
How many years one can use lenses? Patients have used lenses for years together with out any problems.
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