Questions about Glaucoma

Questions Answer
What is Glaucoma? Glaucoma is neuro retinal degenerative syndrome which may be associated with increased pressure in the eye.
What are the types of Glaucoma? Acute disease which presents with severe pain in the eye, headache, vomiting and diminished vision or a chronic form which is usually asymptomatic. There is a gradual decrease of central vision.
Why is glaucoma usually picked up late? The symptoms are very late and gradual. Patients do not often know that they have a disease.
How to pick up glaucoma early? Visit your doctor eye doctor regularly after the age of 40 years. Regular checking of intra-ocular pressure and computerised perimetry will pick up the disease early.
What is computerised perimetry? Computerised perimeter is a machine which maps the visual acuity of individual areas of retina using the latest software. This can pick up the areas of blind spots fairly early which helps in the diagnosis of glaucoma.
What are treatment options in glaucoma? Medicines in form of tablets and eye drops which help in neuro-protection and decrease the pressure.
Laser surgery to open up circulation channels.
Surgical procedures to drain the aqueous fluid if the previous steps fail or the disease is advanced.
How often follow up is required? Glaucoma is a chronic disease which damages the eye slowly hence regular follow up as per the advise of your eye doctor is essential.
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